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Pricing Plans


$399 Audit/Enrollment Fee

(This plan allows you to be a member FOREVER. Once you pay the initial audit/enrollment fee you are in. After that you only pay for what  gets removed. If your profile get to the point of satisfaction and you need to our services again, you will not have to pay another Audit/Enrollment fee ever. Only for the work you need done at that time. It's a WIN WIN)

  • 3 Bureau Audits/Analysis
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • Credit Education Access in Client Portal 
  • Only Pay For Each Deletion Per Report
  • Deletion Rates are as follow per each  report:
    1. $0 -Personal Info 
    2. $25 - Inquiries 
    3. $50- Collections/Charge Offs
    4. $75 - Repossession 
    5. $100 - Bankruptcy/Civil Judgement 
    6. $125 - Foreclosures/Child Support 

ECONOMY PACK (Most Popular)

$109 Per Month

$249 Audit/Enrollment Fee

  • 3 Bureau Audit/Analysis
  • 24/7 Client Portal Access
  • Credit Education Access in Client Portal 
  • Customer Support
  • Money Back Gaurantee if No Deletions in 90 Days
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • **Avg Results 30-60 days
  • **Avg increase 90-100 points throughout about a 180 day cycle

**results vary on per case bases

CEO VIP Pack (Most Value According to Clients)

Work with our CEO " The Credit Beast™ " himself during your


$149 per month

$499 Audit/Enrollment

  • Includes everything in the Economy Pack
  • Entry to have Monthly Fee waived (various months) base on emailed criteria once you Enroll


  • Upper management handles your account
  • Credit Coaching
  • ChexSystem Clear Coaching
  • Early Warning Clear Coaching
  • 30 min Business Consultation (how to start/build/brand your business)
  • Business Credit Consultation (varies)
  • Get a personalized 3 Month Credit Rebuilding Plan & Strategies to help you build business credit not link to your SSN but your EIN
  • Check pre-approvals for Business Funding
  • Recommendations for Personal Funding


How does the money back guarantee work?


  1. You allowed 90 days from the start date of retaining our services
  2. You cannot have any new collection accounts appear or any missed payment during the repair/education process
  3. You maintained a Credit Monitoring Service throughout the process
  4. No new account opened without us being advised
  5. No new evictions, tax liens, or repos
  6. No maxed out credit cards 
  7. You have at least 3 negative items when you sign up 
  8. You have not attempted to repair your own credit or used another credit agency at least one years previous to signing up 
  9. You've agreed and sent us all updated reports from all three bureaus within 7 days of receipt

**updated reports usually arrive within 15-45 days. It's your responsibility as a client to notify us that you have received  or not received updated reports**

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