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Why FYI Experts?


  • We provide Attorney Affiliated Restoration Services based on your consumer protection laws
  • We provide Credit Education during the entire process
  • We are Certified Credit Consultants with over 20 years experience
  • All Corrections/Challenges are legal and law abiding based on your rights as a credit consumer
  • We prepare all of your documentation from start to finish
  • We have options based on what works best for your budget
  • Our fees are reasonable without long contracts

Our Services


  • Customized options and letters that challenge criteria based on your exact repair needs (no one letter fix all, but special catered essentials)
  • Personal expert consultant assigned to advise/educate you through the entire process
  • Access to self credit education and updated information on your file through our custom portal with your personal log in credentials for 24/7 access and education.


  • Business Credit is essential to business growth and can be like a foreign language to start ups and most companies. We have programs to help you learn and assist you with building business credit under your EIN and not attached to your SSN
  • We offer Business Funding Programs that cater to your business, let us help you get funded

How We Get The Job DONE!!

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Most companies offering credit restoration do not have an actual attorney on staff as our does to insure company compliance and assistant. Our focus is to provide an educational experience while aggressively following all the legal guidelines to help you change and improve your lifestyle. Our method include removing items under one of the federal consumer protections laws (FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA, FCBA, HIPAA, etc.). We had thousands of negative inaccurate/incorrect removals already and we are always adding to our arsenal of removal tactics as the laws change and update.


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